Research & Development as a Service

Trust us, product development can be creative

Innovation is everything. This is why we want to stand out from our competitors. We are one of the few companies that provide the comprehensive R&DaaS (Research & Development as a Service) collaboration system.

Why invest in Research & Development?

Usually, the main goal of the R&D Department is coming up with solutions that create new products and services. If a company’s desire is to meet the rapidly changing needs of the market, R&D is something they should invest in. An in-house Research & Development Department is a way to increase the market share, make more profits and become more competitive.

The Research & Development team is usually the one that starts the entire process of building a new product. Their work is key in the whole production process as it provides the greatest added value. The project determines the future cost, quality, and life cycle of a new component.

Is R&DaaS worth the effort?

We always put innovation first. Thus, we show our clients that the way their product is designed is one of the most important factors that determine the total cost of production and assembly. If professionals properly carry out the R&D phase, it will lead to cost reduction and faster time to market.

Unfortunately, most businesses cannot afford to run the entire process of developing a new product from scratch in-house. They lack competencies, skills, hardware, and software (CAD, CAM). In fact, they usually decide to skip the Research & Development phase. If they do, the product ends up being too expensive and doesn’t suit the customer’s needs. In some cases, it may even be useless.

We say no to risk

The DEPERT team has knowledge, experience, and all the tools that are necessary to succeed in launching a new product that meets customer needs. Here is what you gain while choosing the DEPERT Research & Development team:

Risk optimization – with our help, launching a new product is risk-free.

An experienced team that will guide you through the new product development process.

Time and cost optimization.

Seamless collaboration and professionalism.

Flexibility – we work with the agile approach in mind – changes can be introduced at any stage of the process.

R&DaaS offered by us includes full or partial product development, as well as all other processes like concept creation, visualizations, endurance simulations, and 3D & 2D technical documentation.

Product optimization

Very often, our clients have several concepts at once. Alternatively, while developing a product, they reach the point where they have to decide whether they should continue developing the mature project, or just give it up. Such decisions can only be made based on Research & Development. You need enough resources to upgrade the existing product and trust us, it’s not an easy task. Here, DEPERT comes in. Our design engineers will help you at any stage of the product development process. They will test available solutions, create prototypes, and run necessary analyses. The innovative R&DaaS model is the future of developing and launching new products.

3D prototyping in R&DaaS

Prototyping is one of the most important steps during the NPD. It’s the best way to verify the concepts and hypotheses. Prototyping leads to the increase of the quality of the components and, at the same time, optimizes the cost and time to market. DEPERT engineers will:

1. Verify whether the concept makes sense through a series of professional analyses > This will reduce the risk of mistakes and errors.

2. Prove the business value of the concept > In most cases, a 3D prototype is all you need to test the future usability of the product.

3. Assess the technology if needed > new technologies and solutions should be thoroughly verified and we’re really good at it.

Speed up time-to-market > so that the product will bring profits sooner than expected.

The R&D department is your way to go

R&DaaS is necessary if you want to introduce a new product to the market quickly and smoothly. Thanks to the innovative R&DaaS model, you optimize costs. No need to recruit design engineers, invest in expensive equipment and CAD software. In most cases, R&DaaS means cutting down on running research expenses.

At DEPERT, a team of experts helps customers speed up time to market as much as possible and reduce the risk of failure. The client can conveniently focus on their business operations and sales.