We support businesses at any stage of new product development.


Design is the second stage of creating a new product. During this phase, we create detailed 3D and 2D documentation for all components. When it comes to Procurement, we collect and verify suppliers’ offers and make an initial decision on whom to collaborate with.

3D design

  • Preparing detailed 3D and 2D documentation.
  • Project based on the chosen material and technology.
  • We work with CAD – software that allows us to model surface design (complex shapes) and solid design (simple elements).
  • We create and manage Bill of Material (BOM).
  • In the case of very complex projects, we make sure they are modular and easy to modify.
  • All components are carefully verified. We optimize and adjust kinematics and geometry.
  • The technical documentation we create is of the highest quality. Documents we provide will be the crucial element of the prototype to create, volume production, and quality assurance.

Supplier – quotes and selection

  • Choosing the best technology for component manufacturing.
  • Preparing and sending an RFQ (Request for Quote).
  • Ranking supplier offers based on Best Price and Quality Criteria.